Experienced tutors help you improve your English or French 


Our qualified teachers provide tailor-made classes that focus on your interests and specific professional needs.

We keep your learning experience fun and motivating, with an emphasis on conversation.

We offer very competitive rates for both individual and group lessons.


Individual Tutor

One to one lessons that focus on your language learning needs, with an emphasis on conversation. Constructive tutor feedback and notes for rapid progress. 

Business group lessons

Dynamic classes to work with your colleagues on common goal of improving your communication skills. Attention is given to your business needs to rapidly improve your communication skills within your area of activity. 

Family lessons + homework 

Our experienced tutors will work with your child on fun and stimulating exercises and word games, with a focus on conversation. We can also help with their English or French homework & get your child prepared for their school tests



Chris is holder of a Cambridge University Certificate in Teaching English and has had 25 years experience teaching to students of all ages. He teaches in both English and French.  


May is an experienced teacher with a friendly professional approach. She teaches both English and French and has vast international corporate experience. May loves working with adults and children, and has 2 of her own.


Gavin is such a friendly and motivating teacher, with many years experience teaching English in Australia, Germany and Asia. His lessons are dynamic and fun.


1. Teach by example

Our experienced tutors teach by example, helping you with the language you need in context. We give examples of how to use new words and phrases in situations relevant to each of you. 

2. Emphasis on conversation

Our lessons always remain fun and stimulating. We put a strong emphasis on conversation, giving each person the opportunity to learn & practice their communication skills.

3. Engaging course materials

We provide students with very engaging course materials, in line with their business activities and learning needs. This encourages each student to connect and better communicate around a relevant themes.

4. Language revision

Revision is a crucial component of effective language teaching. We regularly revise new words and phrases, paying attention that each person has a sense of continuity towards rapid progress in their communication skills.


Fast Forward has kept me motivated every step of the way. Their energetic teachers emphasise conversation & get you talking, with the right amount of feedback to keep you moving forward.

- Martha G.

Testimonial from our client

This collective of teachers have improved my French and have helped my children with their homework. Our whole family speaks French together over dinner, thanks to Fast Forward.

- Vihaan k.

Testimonial from our client

I moved from France to Montreal and needed to improve my English for my job. Fast Forward helped me make rapid progress in both my spoken and written English. Thank you. 

Grégoire H.

Testimonial from our client


Tel.  514-573-8123

Email. ffwdmtl@gmail.com

Fast Forward's HQ is in Montreal, Canada. 

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